Why "Syntax error in UPDATE statement" error? 
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 Why "Syntax error in UPDATE statement" error?
The sql query I have is:

UPDATE Kund SET Namn='Nisse', Banknr='12345',
Kontonr='54321', Adress='Nissev', Postnr=12345,
Ort='Nisseborg', Vxl=True, Best=False, Inl=False
WHERE Kundnr=12345

And in the Access database
Namn, Banknr, Kontonr, Adress, Ort is of type Text
Postnr, Kundnr is of type Number
Vxl, Best, Inl is of type Yes/No

When I'm running this query i get "Syntax error in UPDATE
statement" error. What is wrong?

Mon, 12 Sep 2005 03:14:13 GMT
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