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I have a temporary table created by joining two other tables.This table
is used in order to enable the display of the data contained in both of
the parent tables.

I can edit and delete from this temporary table.

I however need to be able to reflect any edit/delete action in one of
the parent tables.
I have tried to do this by capturing the rowid of the row in the
temporary table however
I have been unable to use this to locate the apprpriate row in the
parent table.

For example if locationnumber contains the row id which is of the same
type as the column runnumber then the only record that is changed in the
parent table rsRunTable is the first
record and not the one identified by runnumber =locationnumber.

Obviously I am doing something wrong does anyone know of an easier
method of doing this?

Set rsRunTable = dbRunLog.OpenRecordset("Run", dbOpenDynaset)
      With rsRunTable
       .FindFirst !runnumber = locationNumber
           !hours = Text1(0).Text
      End With



Sat, 24 Jan 2004 16:02:52 GMT
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