Return value for stored function 
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 Return value for stored function

Hi everyone

I have a VC++ aplication, and I use ODBC connection with Oracle database
and CDatabase/CRecordset classes. This is pretty straight so far. The
problem is when I want to return values from stored functions. I can
send an SQL with m_pdb.ExecuteSQL() but no return value...
Let's say that I have function counting the number of fields in the

   SELECT COUNT(*) INTO a FROM customer;
   RETURN a;

What is the right way to get the number somewhere in the application?
I have tried to implement logic from
Recordset: Declaring a Class for a Predefined Query (ODBC) article in
MSDN but guess I'm making some mistake. That is why I need some
direction, example or code.
Thanks in advance

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Fri, 02 Aug 2002 03:00:00 GMT
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