Invalid formatted memo header 
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 Invalid formatted memo header

This is probably a non-issue.

To the database-engine, a "formatted" memo-field is simply a memo-field;
the field type is simply a cue to an application that
formatting-information will be found inside.  Exactly what format this
information is in, is entirely up to the application.  (Likewise, "what
is stored in the preview-area in the DB file" is also up to the
application, and is stored separately.)

Paradox for Windows uses a particular memo-format, undocumented but not
very difficult to figure out; Delphi applications (e.g. using InfoPower
components) customarily use RTF.  

Table Repair (a la TUTILITY) is only marginally aware of the Paradox
memo-format and is completely unprepared to find RTF.  

You should simply examine the memo-data and see if it is readable within
Paradox, or within whatever application you used to build the table.
(Paradox for Windows does not understand RTF either.)

ChimneySweep does recognize RTF-formatted fields.  It does not attempt
to study them -too- closely, because there can be a lot of irrelevant
variation in the contents of an RTF field, but it can recognize when the

it happens, is it?) ...  which is basically all that Table Repair is
trying to do anyway.


> Having verified my tables after upgrading to Paradox 9, I find several
> tables present me with the error message: Invalid formatted memo header.
> Error code: 96. Rebuilding produces no effect whatsoever, nor can I find
> anything on this error or its solution in the Corel paradox Knowledge
> Database. Has anyone encountered this before and knows how to remedy it?

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Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT
 Invalid formatted memo header

Thank you, I think. I was aware that it might be a non-issue since I have
had this error ever since I can remember, but it does prevent the table
repair unit to finish checking all tables and indexes associated with it, so
it is a little worrying. The formatted memo fields are in paradox and do get
displayed properly within Paradox 7, 8, 9. I always thought they conformed
to RTF, if not, how does Paradox know how to 'translate' the RTF info it
receives via the Clipboard? Your answer, though quite informative in some
ways, still leaves me somewhat muddled about the actual error message
itself. What does Paradox mean when it claims to have found an Invalid
formatted memo header? and where does it find this error (which of the
several formatted memo fields I use)?

Would Chimney sweep be of any use?


Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT
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