Emergency - Access CSV Import Err 
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 Emergency - Access CSV Import Err

I am working in VB6 and Access 97 (sr2). I exported several tables to csv
files using access. The data looks correct. Empty fields are set to spaces
that match the width of the field.
I have allowzerolength set to yes on all text fields.

When I import this file (or any csv text file) back into Access, it doesn't
retain the blanks between the qoutes. (i.e. In the text file field 1 is "
", when it imports back into Access it becomes "")
When I try to assign these fields to objects in VB I get the error "Invalid
use of Null".

I assumed that Access was creating empty fields as "" and that was the
problem, until I opened the file and saw that it is correctly creating the
file, it just won't read it back correctly.

I am at the end of a major project and this has completely stopped further
Of course I had done all testing up to this point using fully populated
tables. I normally work against Fox, Sql or AS400 Tables, I never dreamed of
this problem using Access (clients choice not mine).

I am in deadline, frantic mode. Any help would be appreciated.

Wed, 26 Dec 2001 03:00:00 GMT
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