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 new listserv: delphi-cs-talk

Hi all,

I have started a new listserv to serve an unmet need in the Delphi C/S
communtiy.  The genesis of this list is due to a thread a while back in
the SQL groups that Ken Henderson (author of Delphi C/S books) was
involved with.  We traded E-Mails on the subject of TTables vs TQueries
and it became clear that there were several unanswered questions realted
to C/S development that need to be addressed.  He has volunteered to
join this list and discuss C/S topics in-depth.  Probably one the first
issues will be the TTables vs TQueries.  He believes TTables can be used
in large C/S apps and that many, if all of the performance and
scalability issues can be addressed.  Have you noticed that most of the
C/S demos included with Delphi use TTables?  This seems to run counter
to conventional wisdom.  Join the list and find the answer to this and
hopefully many more questions!

with the subject line blank and in the body of the message put
                                     subscribe delphi-cs-talk-l

You will receive a confirmation code that you need to send back and then
you will be subscribed.

             ********** PURPOSE OF THE LIST **********

The purpose of delphi-cs-talk-l is to provide a forum for in-depth
discussion of issues surrounding client/server application development
in Delphi.  There are many issues I hope will be addressed here that
are not directly and fully addressed in the Delphi manuals, examples,
and third-party books.  There are newsgroups that address many
questions and offer solutions but the threads tend to be short-lived.
My hope is that the discussions presented here will be longer and more


Rob Schuff
Bull Run Software
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Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT
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