HELP: VB DAO app reading from wrong database? 
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 HELP: VB DAO app reading from wrong database?

Hi All,

We've got a real puzzler at my current client site. Here's the problem:

Environment: VB 5 both Pro and Enterprise, DAO 3.6, Sql Server 6.5 with
latest SP, NT 4.0 sp 5.

Multiple databases: Test, Production, Development, Pilot, etc. and they
all have mostly the same tables and stored procedures on each. All are
Sql Sever 6.5.

Say application 1 pulls information from database 1, and app. 2 pulls
information from database 2.  Each database has the same tables with
different data (i.e. Test vs. Prod.).  Everything works fine until
nightly batch processing jobs (application 1 - FOXpro) are running
(several hours) on database 1 and then application 2 (VB5) is executed
during this time.  Now application 2 will return results from database
1 instead of database 2, where normally it does return information from
database 2?

Any ideas how this is happening. The obvious has been checked and fully
qualified table names including the database names don't fix the
problems.  This has happened with more than one application.

Does anyone know if this is a known problem with DAO and VB 5 (prof or
Ent. vers)?  I was hoping for some insight on a known problem and not
just 'upgrade to ADO' which may have to be done to fix this as a last

Any help...greatly appreciated!!

Mark H.,

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Thu, 03 Oct 2002 03:00:00 GMT
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