Error 3001 - Invalid argument 
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 Error 3001 - Invalid argument

Hi. I have a visual basic program that accesses a Microsoft
Access database. I had it working fine with Access 97 and DAO
3.5. I upgraded the database to Access 2000 and I changed my
program to use DAO 3.6 to access it. I thought it was working
fine, but I just noticed that one of my update queries isn't
working correctly. This query has one particular parameter of
type memo that is used to update a corresponding field that is
also of type memo. For some reason, if I set the value of this
parameter to a string with with any more than two characters, I
get Error 3001 - Invalid argument when I try to execute the
query. I get no error on the line where I actually set the value
of the parameter. The weird thing is that I have another memo
field in this table and a corresponding memo parameter in the
query that appear to be set up exactly the same way and I'm
having no problem with this pair. I have an append query with the
same parameters that appends records to this same table that is
giving me exactly the same problem. If I run these queries from
within Access rather than through my VB program, I'm able to
enter as many characters as I want into the troublesome parameter
and I get no error.

If anyone can suggest something I can try I'd really appreciate
it.  Thanks. - paul


Sat, 11 May 2002 03:00:00 GMT
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