Stored procedure LOCK UP: BUG? 
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 Stored procedure LOCK UP: BUG?


I've been having problems with delphi 2.01 (c/s, sql links) and Sybase (using the openclient
If, after opening a storder procedures which returns a return set, I close thist procedure,
the system hangs for about a minute. Must be some timeout. This only happens when
the data have not been read in (i.e. I haven't been to the eof). If I code
a .LAST before I close the stored proc, everythings ok. This is a bug, i think.

The same with stored procedures though. Can anyone:

1) try how it behaves on their system,
2) give me an address to mail of call (pref. europe) to submit the bug?


Waldo van Riemsdijk

Mon, 25 Jan 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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