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 Help on Runtime Type Information


I need some help trying to resolve the following problem.  

I have a component that at runtime shouldl question all the controls on a
form and ask the control/component if it has a particular method/property
and then be able to execute it and get the result back.  We are trying to
retrieve, dynamically version information of all our in-house developed
components that are in use on a form.  Some older version might not have
this method and I do not want to build a massive case structure for various

This was my attemp :

procedure TMyClass.FindVersions ;
  i : integer
  p : Pointer ;
 for i:= 0 to self.parent.controlcount-1 do
     p := self.parent.controls[i].MethodAddresss ('CurrentVersion') ;
     {I Do seem to get some pointer back - but do not know what to do with
     if assigned (p) then
         {?????? - some way to retrieve the currentversion as found in that

Any help will be appreciated

Fred Iworth
South Africa

Tue, 19 Oct 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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