Looking for a Database Connection Timer TSR ? 
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 Looking for a Database Connection Timer TSR ?

We've got a MS Windows/ODBC driver internals idea
that we need help determining feasability on ...

We're thinking of writing a TSR program that will
somehow look for activity on any open "connections"
between one or more local Visual Basic applications
and networked ODBC back-end databases (eg. Oracle, Sybase).  
The idea would be to check for activity and timeout
the connection if there is no activity for a given period.
The timeout operation would entail automatically closing
the connection and probably the application.

A TSR solution would be most general since the logic
would not have to be built into every application.
However, a VBX or DLL solution might also be acceptable
(and certainly somewhat more obvious to implement).

The question is whether this is technically possible ?

The second question would be if anyone has already done
something like this or if there's a commercial App that
provides this functionality ?

The last question is (assuming the answer to question 2 is no)
whether anyone out there would be interested in working with us
on this ?

-brad albom
Software Engineering Solutions, Inc
2685 Marine Way, Suite 1215, Mountain View, CA 94043
Voice: (415) 969-0141
Fax  : (415) 969-0177

Sun, 19 Oct 1997 03:00:00 GMT
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