Need to adapt ASP (Active Server Page) to applet 
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 Need to adapt ASP (Active Server Page) to applet

OK.  I figured it out.  Thanks for the help.  Now I have a couple of other

1. It seems that when I retrieve a record, then type in the text box, then
try to move to another record in the grid... it wants to update the info.  I
don't want this to happen.  Any ideas?

2. One of the fields has information in both plain text and html (a link
when one is available).  Is it possible to set a hyperlink in the results?
or should I s{*filter*}that?

3. How do I create a label text that is multi-line?


> I'm using Visual Cafe 3 database edition.  I'm a gnubie to VC and
> programming in Java.

> Essentially, I want to create a form and result that searches through a
> file (containing 900 records with 4 fields per record).  Using VC, I
> an applet that connects with JDBC-ODBC and displays the attached file.
> problem is that I need funtionality, meaning a search and submit button
> displays results.  Also the criteria should be the record "includes the
> search string" instead of "equal to the string".

> It needs to be an applet so I can place it in an html page.  Also, I plan
> run it from a CD.  Can I still do this or is a DSN required?

> I am under time constraints so any help is greatly appreciated.  I will
> gladly share my knowledge.

> John Olinger
> (619) 483-0497

Mon, 17 Dec 2001 03:00:00 GMT
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