EXCEL add-in for managing hypercubes 
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 EXCEL add-in for managing hypercubes


 Codework is proud to announce tha release of 3-way TANGRAM vs 7,
 an hypercube management software for the Windows platforms.

 An Excel add-in is available for accessing and exploiting
 hypercubes (AKA multi-way tables, 3-way TANGRAM databases)
 with 3 to 20 dimensions.

 In Excel, you can do two kinds of operations:

        - slice and dice: you map the hypercube
          to an Excel sheet, selecting one element
          on all dimensions but two.
          The remaning dimensions become rows and columns.

        - autoloop: you loop on the higher dimensions of
          the cube and perform an action on each
          rectangular slice.
          The standard action is to paste the cube slice
          onto your current worksheet and print it.

 Hypercubes are normally created by the TANGRAM product,
 which you can also download. (Win 95/98/NT)

 Refer to   http://www.***.com/ ;for details.

Sat, 28 Jun 2003 01:23:48 GMT
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