Updated -VB access the AS/400 using ADO and Client Access 
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 Updated -VB access the AS/400 using ADO and Client Access

The file doesn't appear to be working.

Here is the error:

Run-time error '2147024891 (80070005)':

006~ASP 0185~Missing Default Property~A default property
was not found for the object.

Thanks again,

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>Please see the attached file to see the exact error I am


>1. IIS Project accessing an AS/400 running ver 5.
>2. Using ADO and sql to get the record set back.
>3. Assign the record set variable directly to session

>This error only occurs from my home computer accessing
>across a VPN connection.  At work I do not get this
>error.  It seems to be related to assigning a record set
>variable directly to a session variable.  If I first
>assign to a local variable and then to the session
>variable it works.  It also works if I apply cstr, cdbl
>etc to the record set variable.  Cannot find anything in
>the knowledge base dealing with this.



Mon, 28 Jun 2004 08:04:47 GMT
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