Help! with Schema.ini file and ODBC text 
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 Help! with Schema.ini file and ODBC text

Can anybody please help me with the following problem: I have to read info
out of a large log file (text file, delimited by a "," and I am using ODBC
text driver. How do I read in VB5 the columns stated in the Schema.ini file.
Does anybody have a nice code example? Thanks for your help!

For example:
0,27-05-98 10:00:00,Start,0
1,27-05-98 11:25:12,Start,1
0,27-05-98 11:26:27,Start,0
and so on...

I want to read such files and want to make sql statements so that I can
search for example: give the number of files with with the date 27-05-98. I
have been trying for weeks now, but can't figure it out! I am not very
experienced in programming with VB5.

Thu, 07 Dec 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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