Installing DAO app. problems 
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 Installing DAO app. problems

Hi all

I'm new here and could use a little help, OK a lot of help!
I've created a simple DaoDatabase app.( C++ 4.0 ) this app
runs like a champ on my machine, but when installed on any
one else's it doesn't even start the intro dialog box.
 The error says "You have performed an illegal operation"
instead of opening the Welcome Dialog.
I realize I must install "Data Access Objects" on the target machine.
I will do this next, but I'm pretty sure that this error is due to
a missing DLL,MSVC... family or something along that line ?

1. Where and how do I find the needed Dlls and OCXs ?
2. Will DAO install do all the dirty work of registering
the DLLs and so on ?
3. Can I use DAO version 3.5 for this app. having created it
 in VC++ 4.0 ?
4. Does DAO install also take care of any of the misc. DLLs
I might need ?

I'm stuck:(

 Please e mail me with reply

Thu, 02 Dec 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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