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 SQL Query Text

Hi, Jimmy.

Try this:

procedure GetQueryString(aQuery :TQuery; aList :TStrings);
  FindPos   :LongInt;
  LenParam  :LongInt;
  LoopParam :LongInt;
  LoopLine  :LongInt;
  StrParam  :String;
  StrLine   :String;
  ValParam  :String;
  if (aQuery.Params.Count <> 0) then
       for LoopParam:= 0 to (aQuery.Params.Count- 1) do
           StrParam:= ':'+ aQuery.Params.Items[LoopParam].Name;
           ValParam:= aQuery.Params.Items[LoopParam].AsString;
           LenParam:= Length(StrParam);

           for LoopLine:= 0 to (aList.Count- 1) do
               StrLine:= aList.Strings[LoopLine];

                 FindPos:= Pos(StrParam, StrLine);

                 if (FindPos <> 0) then
                   StrLine:= copy(StrLine, 1, (FindPos- 1))+ ValParam+
copy(StrLine, (FindPos+ LenParam), 255);

               until (FindPos = 0);
               aList.Strings[LoopLine]:= StrLine;

Petio Tonev

www.i.am/ptonev , www.w3.to/tonevsoft

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT
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