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 Allow Zero Length in Access DB

Repost of a previous question
I have a VB5 app which converts an Access 2 (jet 2.5) database to DAO 3.0
format using the CompactDabase option. It then adds a number of new fields
to the existing tables. What I have found is that the new fields generate
the "field does not allow zero length string" error when using the VB5
control. This happens when the field did have some data and is then
out. This does not happen with the fields that came across from the Access
2 DB.

I have looked at the properties of both the new and old fields and none
allow zero length strings and all other properties are the same yet the
one work and the new ones don't. Does anyone know if there is a problem
with fields created with VB5/DAO3.5 or the data control?

I really do not want to "allow zero length strings" as this will mess up a
large amount of code that is checking for Null in the fields.



Kevin Beckwith



Kevin Beckwith


Wed, 27 Oct 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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