JDBC-ODBC (Access) slowdown (mem leak?) 
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 JDBC-ODBC (Access) slowdown (mem leak?)

I'm using JDK1.2.2.

I'm connecting to an Access 97 database using JDBC-ODBC bridge.

My problem is that after accessing the database 8 or 10 times (select
statements, then flipping thru the resultset) the performance really drops
off in a big way.

I tried setting the MaxBufferSize in the ODBC dialog in Windows from 512k to
1024k. That just delayed the problem so it still slows down but after more

I've checked my code and I only have one connection that is open for the
duration. For all other JDBC objects I use, I call jdbcobject.close() when I
am done with them.

Anybody else have this problem? Any solutions?


Sat, 13 Apr 2002 03:00:00 GMT
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