MS SQL SERVER vs ACCESS on busy network 
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 MS SQL SERVER vs ACCESS on busy network

Help needed soon.

I have been programming in VB 3.0 PRO and Access 2.0.  I am on an Air Force
Base that has a lot of network traffic.  My Access database resides on a
server in another building.  The problem we are having is the speed of
accessing the data across the network (across the base).  I am going to try
to talk to my upper level management next week about using Microsoft SQL
Server.  What I am needing is some opinions on switching to SQL Server and
hopefully some success stories and benchmark comparisons.  I need some
facts to pass along to them.  I also don't have a good grasp on what data
Access sends back to the user.  I have heard that in some cases, you get
the entire table then your PC filters out what you need.  With the network
traffic that we have out here, I need the least amount of data possible
coming back to the user.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Please

Thanks for your responses,


Sun, 22 Jun 1997 09:42:00 GMT
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