Problems with Fields variable, Help please. 
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 Problems with Fields variable, Help please.

Problems with Fields variable, Help please.

Maybee can you help me on this one.

 Dim db As Database, Td As TableDef, MyFld As field, Myset As
 Dim ListCriter As String, veld As String, buf As String, n As
Integer, I As Integer
 Set db = DBEngine.Workspaces(0).OpenDatabase("data.MDB")
 Set Myset = db.OpenRecordset("data", dbOpenTable)

   ' get field name  with inputbox  ( this works)

   ListCriter = "[name] ='" & list1.Text & "'"
   data1.Recordset.FindFirst ListCriter

I like to replace [name] with a string variable or a variable
that will be a field number.
This string (field name) or number, kom from an inputbox.
I try for 30 hrs to replace [name] with any thing
without succes. the err.msg is " can bind data control
with the variable or bad syntax.

ListCriter = "[name] ='" & list1.Text & "'"
data1.Recordset.FindFirst ListCriter

 This work wery well but i like to by able to choose the field
dinamycally with the inputbox when the program run.
This inputbox do display the name of all the field.

Thanks again.

Wed, 27 Oct 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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