Ado Delete Got Error....Help! 
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 Ado Delete Got Error....Help!

Dear all VB Experts,

I create a form with data-grid that connected to recordset named adoData
which is connected to mySQL server.  For the data-grid, I hide the record
selector.  When I run the form, and click on the data-grid to a record that
I want to delete and press the delete key ... it will display and an message
(without run-time error) stated that "A Given HROW Referred to a Hard- or
Soft- Deleted Row" and the record is deleted.

I put a error handler and it does not have an error display.  I'm using
ActiveX Data Objects (ADO), versions 2.0

Any idea what is wrong... thanks


Mon, 28 Jun 2004 09:57:13 GMT
 Ado Delete Got Error....Help!

refer to the link:;EN-US;q252350

Harinatha Reddy Gorla
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Smart Software Technologies,
Hyderabad, India

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Mon, 28 Jun 2004 12:32:30 GMT
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