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Dear Friends,

I am developing a GPS program that converts True bearings to Magnetic
bearings.  It does this by calling up information from an Access
database which stores the Chart information.  These being the Chart_ID
and Variation information in the format for example 12 degrees 00
minutes 1982 (10 minutes East) ------(1)  

 Now converting True to Magnetic bearings is simple. For eg:
True bearing is 0 - 359 degrees.
The Variation as determined from the Chart (as in access database) is 6
degrees West.

Rule is West (add)   and East (minus).

Hence True bearing is 60 degrees +  6 degrees = 66 degrees.  

The database consisting of 1 table needs to hold Variation information
and this is expressed in the format for example:  12 degrees 00 minutes
West 1982 (10 minutes East).  This means that in 1982 there were 12
degrees 0 minutes of westerly Variation but this was changing 10 minutes
East (ie reducing) every year.

Can anyone please tell me how I can represent the Variation in the
access database.  I have made an attempt to have Chart_ID, Variation (as
a decimal with +tve for West and - for East) and Base Year (date format)
- but htis is not sufficient since I need to be able to update the
database by entering data in the format  shown in ----(1).  This is
because once my database is complete then in my main form of my VB
application I will enter the Chart ID, True bearing and Current Year.
Then from the Variation information in the database I will be able to
calculate the True bearing for any Year.

Kind Regards,

Mon, 26 Aug 2002 03:00:00 GMT
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