Free Entity Relationship Tool for DB2 UDB v5 
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 Free Entity Relationship Tool for DB2 UDB v5


I'm currently producing an Entity Relationship Tool for DB2 Universal
DataBase Windows NT/95 using Java. I have just released a Beta version
of this tool.  It can be found at:


The help files for the alpha version of the product can be found at:


this document lists all the bugs and how the program is intending to
work in the final version.

Bert is a student honours project being developed at the University of
Dundee, Scotland by Jonny Black. A final draft of the project has to be
submitted on the 24th April 1998.
It would be of great benefit to receive comments about BERT both good
and bad, as an important stage in the development is developing towards
the users needs. Testers who submit comments will receive a free copy of

BERT as it is on the 24th April, during which time the code should be
made a lot more robust and user friendly, and you may see you own
aspects included - acknowledgement will be given to all replies both in
the final report and user manual.


Jonny Black

Sun, 10 Sep 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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