flexgrid MergeCells / selection problem 
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 flexgrid MergeCells / selection problem

When I set the MergeCells property in a flexgrid to other than 0
(flexMergeNever) selected cells are not highlighted.  The selection
actually occurs (the SelChange event fires) occurs and the focus
rectangle appears but the cell color does not change.  HighLight is 1
(flexHighlightAlways) and SelectionMode is 0 (flexSelectionFree).  The
only way highlighting appears is when MergeCells is 0.

At design time I noticed when MergeCells is 0 that row 1 col 0 is
"selection highlighted" but when MergeCells is changed the selection
highlighting goes away.  Is this behavior by design (I hope not)?

Sat, 13 Apr 2002 03:00:00 GMT
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