ODBC Text Driver -- Schema.INI Problem ! 
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 ODBC Text Driver -- Schema.INI Problem !

Hi Everybody,

I am using ODBC Text Driver to import text file into Database --

I need it to be imported with custom delimiter that I specify in

        Format=Delimited( )

-- Simple Space.

Here is the problem : Between fields there may be several spaces.
And it messes up whole import creating unnecessary fields :(

How can I make Text driver treat those consecutive spaces as
one -- there should be some option in SCHEMA but I can't find it.

FixedLength Import is not an option bcz file fomat is always diffferent.

BTW: Is it possible to test file for field length -- then write field
to SHEMA and use FixedLength option for Import?

Thanks for your help,

VB5, Win95

Regards, Davie

Fri, 07 Jul 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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