ADO/ATL/Jet 4.0 Provider problems with INSERT-sql 
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 ADO/ATL/Jet 4.0 Provider problems with INSERT-sql


Im trying to use a stored procedure with an INSERT-string from
a Jet-database. The table im inserting values to have a Jet-counter,
so im living that values to be created from the database engine.
But to the other two columns would a like some text-values.
m succeed with this Stored Procedure when im usering the ODBC-provider.
But, because its a single user/stand alone system with a Jet database, I
would prefer to use the Jet Provider instead.

Please....i need your help!

Some code:
void CADO_VC_test_2Dlg::OnInsertfaltJetProvider()
 CString        strData;
 char         str[21];
 CINSERTfalt_b  jflt;
 HRESULT        hr;

 strData = "XXXYYY";
 strcpy(str, strData);

// hr = skjflt.OpenDataSource();
// if (FAILED(hr))
//  return;

 strcpy(skjflt.m_whereparmbenamning, str);
 skjflt.m_whereparmfarg = 1;
 skjflt.m_whereparmkartomrid = 1;
 skjflt.m_whereparmvisa = 1;
 hr = skjflt.Open();
 //hr = skjflt.OpenRowset();
 if (FAILED(hr))



Mon, 27 May 2002 03:00:00 GMT
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