OCI leaks on Linux /Oracle 9.2/ Threaded environment 
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 OCI leaks on Linux /Oracle 9.2/ Threaded environment

I am writing an MT server on Linux which connects to Oracle via OCI
(also tried OCCI)
When I initiate OCI environment with OCI_THREADED, I get a leak in
Its size increases with the number of statements executed on the
When I switch to OCI_DEFAULT, leak goes away.

I have verified that this is reproducible on Oracle's own examples.
I change the connection option to Encrionment::THREADED_MUTEXED (also
in occiproc.cpp and made the procedure call in a loop,
leak was apparent and was proportional to the number of PL/SQL
procedure calls.
Leak went away when the envrionment option was reset to default.
The leak is pretty large - about 1K per call, it can be seen from
and by using valgrind.

This is quite a shocker. Has anybody observed anything similar or has
a similar
configuration which works flawlessly?
The compiler I use is gcc 2.96 on Redhat Linux 7.3

Gene Gorokhovsky

Here is a relevant part of valgrind report on 100 repetions of the
procedure calls:
I get similar stacks when I use pure OCI calls bypassing OCCI (OCI
layer courtesy of OTL V4)

==9494== 119328 bytes in 1243 blocks are definitely lost in loss
record 78 of 81
==9494==    at 0x40042A34: malloc (vg_clientfuncs.c:100)
==9494==    by 0x40A3A442: sltsmxi (in
==9494==    by 0x405F3B76: snsbitini_ts (in
==9494==    by 0x405DA2E3: nsgbliuc (in
==9494==    by 0x405DA8E6: nsgblini (in
==9494==    by 0x406618A4: niotns (in
==9494==    by 0x4065DAA9: nigcall (in
==9494==    by 0x405FAFF3: osncon (in
==9494==    by 0x40439A63: kpuadef (in
==9494==    by 0x404BCC35: upiini (in
==9494==    by 0x404ABF8B: upiah0 (in
==9494==    by 0x40414026: kpuatch (in
==9494==    by 0x404A010C: OCIServerAttach (in
==9494==    by 0x402A3872: (within
==9494==    by 0x402A2B81: (within
==9494==    by 0x402A2855: (within
==9494==    by 0x804AAEE: (within /home/geneg/project/test/test/test)
==9494==    by 0x8049E22: main (in /home/geneg/project/test/test/test)
==9494==    by 0x42017589: (within /lib/i686/libc-2.2.5.so)
==9494==    by 0x8049C51: __builtin_new (in
==9494== LEAK SUMMARY:
==9494==    definitely lost: 119328 bytes in 1243 blocks.
==9494==    possibly lost:   1152 bytes in 12 blocks.
==9494==    still reachable: 635053 bytes in 195 blocks.
==9494== Reachable blocks (those to which a pointer was found) are not

Mon, 21 Feb 2005 11:09:35 GMT
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