Highlighting QUERYABLE fields in Forms 4.5? 
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 Highlighting QUERYABLE fields in Forms 4.5?

Hello all.. Would appreciate some help with what *should* be a fairly
simple problem, but is turning out not to be... I have an application
originally created with Forms 4.5 (VMS) which I've converted to
bitmapped mode. (Win95/NT)  Many of the forms are alternately used in
both query & data entry mode.

Is there a relatively easy way of causing the queryable fields in the
active block to display highlighted when the form is in query mode?
(Without programmatically setting each field property individually...eg.
changing the visual attribute, etc...)

I could be wrong, but I *thought* this happened automatically in a
Win3.11 version I worked on. Any help would be VERY much appreciated...

Scott Morrow

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Tue, 05 Jun 2001 03:00:00 GMT
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