Weird import behavior with error IMP-00058/ORA-01403 
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 Weird import behavior with error IMP-00058/ORA-01403

Running Oracle 8.0.5 on Solaris 2.7
I was attempting to import data for several tables from a production
database to a development database (both on above platforms), and
everything was working fine during the import
except for one table, in which I received the following error:

IMP-00058 Oracle error 1403 encountered
ORA-01403:  No data found
Import terminated successfully with warnings

There were no problems encountered with the export on the production
Using Ignore = Y for the import, since the table already existed on dev.

I went back and even attempted to re-export that one table from
production, and then import the data into the development table -- still
encountered the error.

Eventually, what I ended up trying to do, and then succeeding with the
import,  was renaming the table on development, and then importing the
structure and data.....
with the exact same export file used that was causing the failure

Any ideas as to what may have caused this?


Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT
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