DB hangs after enabling db_block_lru_extended_statistics 
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 DB hangs after enabling db_block_lru_extended_statistics


> Last friday I tried to use db_block_lru_extended_statistics for the first
> After about an hour the database hung. Oracle was using about 50% cpu
> steadily. I bounced the database and in a few hours it had happened again.
> I could log in with svrmgrl but not with sqlplus so this leads me to believe
> it was a lock or latch issue. I was unable to query anything to see what the


This was on a production 7.3.4 database ? don't do that. I used to do the same
on earlier versions. Oracle support does not recommend to use this on
production databases any more. It's not clear what else you can use to make
these estimations...
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Sun, 12 Aug 2001 03:00:00 GMT
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