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 Oracle Performance Tool / Web Based

Hayden Worthington, Inc. is please to release OPM/R2.

Oracle Performance Monitor / Release 2 is fully web enabled and
comes bundled with the Apache WebServer.


This tool allows you to browse internal server performance of
not only your local but remote databases with either Netscape or
Internet Explorer. Great for DBA's and visiting Consultants!

With over 150+ base reports and over 250+ dynamically built
V$ graphical reports its definitely something were looking at.

Many reports also include performance help text in the form
of javascript popup windows as well as automatic newsgroup
keyword searches that report specific.

Available for online download today.

Hayden Worthington, Inc.       Oracle Performance Tuning
5696 Peachtree Parkway         http://www.***.com/
Atlanta, Georgia 30092         White Papers, Scripts, etc.

Mon, 12 Mar 2001 03:00:00 GMT
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