NJ-Florham Park-93529--Client/Server-HTML-MS Office-Networking-PC-Visual Basic-W 
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 NJ-Florham Park-93529--Client/Server-HTML-MS Office-Networking-PC-Visual Basic-W

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Company    : Algomod Technologies Corp.
Website    : http://www.***.com/
Job Title  : Human Factor Engineer
Location   : Florham Park, NJ
Job Type   : Contract
Algomod Technologies Corp. This opportunity is at Algomod Corporation, a
computer consulting company servicing clients in the NYC and Washington DC
metropolitan areas since 1977. Mission: Algomod's mission is to effectively
provide our select clients with the technical resources to achieve industry
leadership. Our commitment to qualitatively superior service promotes long term
relationships which fosterdynamic, innovative collaborations, enabling both our
clients and our staff to realize the highest level of growth and satisfaction.
Most of our business is in new technologies utilizing Object Oriented tools and
structured development methodologies including Oracle, Sybase, PowerBuilder,
Visual Basic, Visual C++, all under UNIX and MS-Windows in Client/Server
architecture. We are currently involved in major development effors for Fortune
500 companies in the banking, brokerage, telecommunications and insurance
industries. Relocation allowance for this position is possible for the right

Any candidates with 3 or more years experience are encouraged to apply.

GEMS Human Factors

Contractor will provide human factors support to the development organization
responsible fro the Global Enterprise Managment System platform. GEMS is a
collection of network management and operations support tools used by the
company Solutions. Applicant should have expertise in graphical user interface
design, prototyping usability evaluation, and other user-centerd design
methods. Experience designing network management, operations support or
customer care applications are desirable, as is experience with Vantive and/or
Remedy applications. Requires working closely with systems engineers,
developers, and end users, and taking responsibility for human factors
deliverables throughout the design/development process.

Experience Level: Expert

Travel Required          :None
Educational Requirements :Masters Degree
Preferred Degree         :Psychology, Indust. Eng., Human Factors or related
Required Skills
* Client/Server
* MS Office
* Networking
* PC
* Visual Basic
* Windows NT
Definite Pluses
* Customer Support
* Frame Relay
* HP
* Java
* Javascript
* MS Project
* PowerBuilder
* Router Programming
* Hubs
* Telephony Applications
* Visual C++
* Windows 95
To be considered for this position, or future opportunities at Algomod
Corporation, please send your resume to: Recruiting Algomod Technologies Corp.
116 John Street New York, NY 10038 FAX: (212) 306-0188 PHONE: (212) 306-0100

and professional manner. PLEASE NOTE: Even if you this job listing doesn't
match your skills, please send in your resume anyway. Chances are, we do have
another opening that you qualify for and that may be of your interest. We have
many new openings all the time. If you know someone who is looking for a
position, please let them know about the exciting opportunities availible at
Algomod. Visit our website (www.algomod.com)
Contact Information:
Reference : 6204
Emily Englander

Phone: 212-306-0100
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