Need help on oracle 8i and oas4081 on redhat 6.1 
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 Need help on oracle 8i and oas4081 on redhat 6.1

Oracle 8i ( was successfully installed on /oracle/o8i on Redhat
6.1 and
                               was working as far as i could tell...
OAS was also successfully installed in different home
                                          on the same machine.(IBM JDK118
was installed first)
      /oracle/oas4081/network/admin/tnsnames.ora in  was copied from

I  have the same error either using the database browser or invoking
from URL .... I did the followings.....

1.  startup oracle o8i database...svrmgrl OK ...

2.  .  /oracle/oas4081/ows/4.0/install/ to set shell variable
3.  owsctl start -nodemgr ...(to start node manager ...successful...)
4.  netscape   http://host:8888 to  access admin login screen
                         login successfully
5.  startup all services and listeners successfully ( listeners are on
default PORTS...)
6.  install logger tables/plsql toolkit/log analyzer/database browser
successfully (
     no installation error .....)
7.  also create DAD/APPLICATION/CARTRIDGE successfully
           DAD dscott connect as scott...password is tiger
           APPLICATION app1 is PL/SQL type
            CARTRIDGE cart1  ... virtual path is /app1/cart1  with DAD
8.  reload all services and listeners
9.  create procedure testings to generate simple html
10.  http://host/app1/cart1/testings
                 generates " APPLICATION error, Please try again"
11.   same error when trying to invoke database browser

Please advice as what to do next ...
Thanks in advance


Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT
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