NT Server Crash -> ORA-1034 
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 NT Server Crash -> ORA-1034


we have a big problem since our PDC crashed.
We had to build a complete new server, so we lost all
NT users and groups. We had no BDC and there is
no way to get them back. We could fix all problems
except our SAP system, which is running under oracle 8.1.5.
If we want to connect to the database, we get the error ORA-1034
"Oracle not available". What can we do to reanimate our oracle without
destroying the SAP system.
Which user do we need?
Which groups do we need?
What parameters and the values?

We got all the information for the SAP but not for oracle. But runnig
SAP without a database takes the fun out of it.  )-:

Hope that somebody can give us a hint.

Stephan Kornberger

I just sold my car, it had windows!

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT
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