CA-SAN FRANCISCO-238720--CORBA-DCOM-RMI-NetDynamics-Java-Object Oriented Devel.- 
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 CA-SAN FRANCISCO-238720--CORBA-DCOM-RMI-NetDynamics-Java-Object Oriented Devel.-

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Company    : Global Employer's Network, Inc.
Website    : http://www.***.com/
Job Title  : Senior Staff Engineer (Clustering)
Location   : SAN FRANCISCO, CA
Job Type   : Full-Time Salaried
Experience:Min 5 Years Relocation:Relocation Not Approved Job Category:Software

Responsibilities: Our client is a market leader in dynamic commerce solutions
for the Internet. They provide companies with the technology and services for
customized online auctions and trading exchanges. We are currently searching
for a Senior Engineer to join our Engineering (SERVER) Team, and participate in
the development of e-commerce products, working on cutting-edge WEB Technology
involving distributed, highly scalable, real-time JAVA software. The Server
Group is responsible for the internal workings of this dynamic commerce engine.
This includes functionality such as HTTP and application services, database
access and maintenance, web and electronic commerce technologies, the offer and
bidding threads, transactional integrity, and security. The focus for the near
future is on performance, scalability, fault-tolerance, and on-line security.
This engineer will be responsible for the research, specification, design,
implementation, test and documentation of clustering and high availability
fault tolerant features in our E-commerce products. you will have technical
lead responsibility for a number of engineers on various projects

Our client offers: work with "cutting edge technology" a "state-of-the-art"
Internet product market compensation, benefits/options and a GREAT,
Professional/Casual work environment (definitely Silicon Valley/Northern
California Internet "type" of company) = in one of the most desirable cities in
the world!


Qualifications: 5+ Years of Experience with concurrency, clusting and high
availability fault tolerant and multi-threaded servers Some Project
Lead/Mentoring experience Distributed Computing (CORBA, IIOP, DCOM, RMI)
Application Servers (Weblogic, NetDynamics) JAVA and other OO languages some
database experience (Oracle, SQL Srvr, JDBC, ODBC) JAVA and other OO languages;
OO Methodologies BS (MS preferred) in CS/EE GUI Development (AWT, JFC, AFC,
Swing, Motif, etc.) Security (SSL, Digital Certificates, RSA encryption, SET,
DES, JAVA 1.2 SDK) Payment (SET, OBI, Verifone, JECF) Publish-subscribe,
event-drive systems Configurable Rules Engines Template/scripting language
implementation Database (SQL, JDBC, ODBC, Oracle, SQL Server)

Compensation: Based on Experience

Travel Required          :20% or less
Educational Requirements :None
Required Skills
* NetDynamics
* Java
* Object Oriented Devel.
SUBMITTING YOUR RESUME: To be considered for this position, you must e-mail
your resume and include the ENTIRE Reference Number in the SUBJECT line of the
message. WORLD WIDE WEB: http://www.***.com/
Contact Information:
Reference : 1129-6965-00

Phone: 972-934-2100
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