Packet shaper caused Oracle to fail 
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 Packet shaper caused Oracle to fail

We installed a packet shaper in the network traffic path between the
server (Oracle 7.3.2 on HPUX) and the client (WIN 95 or
NT 4.0) that caused Oracle to fail. Anyone has this experience?
Removing the packet shaper made Oracle work again.

Our Oracle use TCP/IP. Every other applications that I am aware of
including some demanding applications that use TCP/IP worked
OK with packet shaper installed. Oracle is the only one to fail. Got
the following error message using SQLPlus to connect to Oracle:

ORA-03113 end-of-file on communication channel
Error in disabling roles in product user profile.
Error accessing package DBMS_APPLICATION_INFO

ORA-03114 not connected to Oracle

Error accessing package DBMS_APPLICATION_INFO
You may need to install the Oracle Procedural option
SET APPINFO requires Oracle Release 7.2 or later
Use of Oracle SQL feature not in SQL92 Entry Level.

After all these error messages we are connected to Oracle.
But when we tried to select * from a table it hung. When we used ODBC
to connect to Oracle it took a while to connect and
when tried to select * from a table we got back all the column heading
with no data!

The following is from Oracle
ORA-03113 end-of-file on communication channel

Cause:  An unexpected end-of-file was processed on the communication
channel. The problem could not be handled
by the SQL*Net, two task, software. This message could occur if the
shadow two-task process associated with a SQL*Net
connect has terminated abnormally, or if there is a physical failure of
the interprocess communication vehicle, that is, the
network or server machine went down.

Action:         If this message occurs during a connection attempt,
check the setup files for
the appropriate SQL*Net driver and confirm SQL*Net software is
correctly installed on the server. If the message occurs
after a connection is well established, and the error is not due to a
physical failure, check if a trace file was generated on the
server at failure time. Existence of a trace file may suggest an Oracle
internal error that requires the assistance of customer

One explanation we are thinking is it is a
time out problem. The packet shaper discriminate against the Oracle
TCP/IP traffic and slow it down so much to cause the
problem. Any comment will be appreciated.

Ngee Low

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Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT
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