VNI-2015 LInux server / winNT station 
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 VNI-2015 LInux server / winNT station

I have a Linux server running Oracle Standart 8I, I already setup the
init file with the exclusive value to accept backup jobs, I also
created a special account with sysdba, sysoper, and dba rights and a
linux account same name password and with all rights to sysoper,
sysdba and root groups. On the nt side I have the same account local
and in the domain both with the log on as batch logs from the advance
rights, same password, administrator rights for both, I also have the
same name and password unde the OEM as a manager with superuser
rights, and I have set the preferences for default node and linux node
with the same name, even the service for the database is the same as
sysdba, and still when I try to send a job, I get this VNI-2015 and
the job reports failed, I even created a file with the orapwd with the
same account name and the password.

So if somebody could give a couple of ideas, out of this, I will
appreciate it, I have read all of the messages and I tried all, I have
no more ideas, I thanks for your help and time on this one in advance.


Mon, 24 May 2004 04:55:18 GMT
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