Problems with EBU - Urgent 
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 Problems with EBU - Urgent

I have a problem with the installation of EBU and wonder if anybody
can help me.

When I run the register command on my database i get the following
error text from EBU :

EBU-3107: Error accessing file "/oradata/test/rollback/rbs01.dbf"
  on 09-OCT-99 04:22 [ 13739 : brccfgdf ]
EBU-503: Additional Operating System information, error 72: Value too
large to be stored in data type
  on 09-OCT-99 04:22 [ 13739 : brccfgdf ]

There is no other error text logged in any log file that i can see.

The file /oradata/test/index/rbs01.dbf is 4GBs big and there are loads
of other files even bigger!

As I not a DBA, I have limited understanding of how to cure this

Can anybody shed some light onto this and help me out !


Mark Smithers.

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT
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