MD-Hyattsville-260455--DBA Skills-Performance Tuning-Client/Server-DB2-DBMS-ORAC 
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 MD-Hyattsville-260455--DBA Skills-Performance Tuning-Client/Server-DB2-DBMS-ORAC

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Company    : CareerMagic
Website    : http://www.***.com/
Job Title  : DBA
Location   : Hyattsville, MD
Job Type   : Contract or Full-Time Salaried

<table><td><strong>Employer:</strong>Interim Technology Consulting
Group</td></tr><td><strong>Recruiting Group:</strong>Team Orca</td><tr><td
colspan='3'><strong>Expected Job Duration:</strong>9 - 12
months</td></tr><tr><td colspan='3'> Client needs a mid-level and a senior
level DBA for Hyattsville, MD. Person shall be knowledgeable in all aspects of
database management, including but not limited to, performance tuning,
monitoring, administration, client-server and configuration management for a
variety of DBMS such as DB2/6000, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, etc. -Mid-level:
needs a minimum of 5 yrs experience within an IBM AIX or related operating
environment, and have one of the following: technical degree, or a BS in the
computer technology field -Senior-level: needs to have experience in the design
of systems using 4GL such as ADS/Online, SQL, Ideal, or Visual Age Generator.
Needs to have experience in conducting management studies, define information
requirements, propose solutions to relational or hierarchical database problems
based upon cost effectiveness and other database performance factors -It is
highly desirable that the Sr. DBA have knowledge & experience in the design,
configuration, and implementation of Dominio Web database applications, and
Sybase Web database applications using Lotus Domino, Power Site, Power J, Power
++, Power Designer, and Powerbuilder software as well as experience in plannin
projects, establishing objectives and defining resource requirements. -Sr.
level DBA should have a minimum of 8 years experience within an IBM AIX or
related operating environment, and have one of the following: Technical degree,
or a BS in the computer technology field.</td></tr></table>

Travel Required          :None
Educational Requirements :Bachelors Degree
Required Skills
* DBA Skills
* Performance Tuning
* Client/Server
* DB2
* Informix
To apply to this position connect to and confidentially
submit your resume and profile.
Contact Information:
Reference : _0210M0L4B-20114

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