ODTUG Call for Papers, Spring '98, Palm Springs, CA June 2-5 
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 ODTUG Call for Papers, Spring '98, Palm Springs, CA June 2-5

Spring '98 Call For Papers

ODTUG invites you to submit an abstract for presentation at its Spring '98
Conference to be held June 2-5, 1998, at the Renaissance Esmeralda Hotel in Palm
Springs, California.

Every ODTUG conference receives excellent ratings from its participants, and the
Spring '98 Conference promises to be the best yet. More than 140 sessions are
planned including user presentations, ask the expert panels, ask Oracle panels,
and Oracle Mini-lessons. In addition, participants can sign-up for Oracle
Hands-on Labs, the Oracle campgrounds will be open, and third party vendor
demonstrations will be offered.

How Can I Be A Presenter?

Complete the on-line form at http://www.***.com/ .  Submit your abstract by
January 14, 1998. If you require a paper version of the Call For Papers, please
contact our office at (910) 452-7444.

If you are selected to become an ODTUG presenter . . .
You will receive a complimentary conference registration worth over $500.

Your paper will be published in the Conference Proceedings Book.

You will be a contender for three prestigious awards: Best Speaker, Best
Presentation (based on content and topic), and the Editor's Choice Award for
best paper.

You will be a part of, what is considered by many, as the best Oracle user
conference in the world!

Some of the topics for presentation we have suggested are:

Methodology, Analysis & Modeling
Java IDE
Data Warehousing
Web Development
Object Oriented Techniques (modeling, design, and development)

If there is a specific topic you would like to see presented please e-mail the
office and we will list the topics here that you have requested. We want to know
what topics you need.

Questions To Get You Started

Below is a series of questions that may help you decide the topic for your
abstract. Please do not limit yourself to these suggestions. Remember: We are
looking for real life examples, tips, tricks, and what works, and what doesn't.


What are your impressions of Release 2.0?
How do you use Designer/2000 to develop Web-based applications?
How do you use the Designer/2000 generators (Forms, Reports, Graphics, Visual
Basic, HTML, PL/SQL, MS-Help, DDL)?
What kinds of utilities, extensions, or 3rd party add-ons have you used or
What is your experience with user preferences?
Are you working on a library of templates?


Share your experience with Release 2.0!
Have you implemented Web-based systems using Developer/2000?
Have you implemented platform specific GUI Standards in your applications?
What tricks do you have for cross-platform development?
Are you using Developer/2000 to bridge multiple databases?
Have you performed a SQL*Forms 3.0 to Developer/2000 conversion? Do you use
Designer/2000, third party tools, or develop your own utilities in the process?
Have you successfully integrated OLE2 applications and OCX/VBX controls with
Developer/2000 applications?


Share your experience with Discoverer 3.0
Are you using summary redirection? If so, which type (there are three)?
What is your approach to defining the end user layer (EUL)?
How does Discoverer fit into your overall data warehouse architecture?
Compare using Discoverer with other third-party ROLAP/ad hoc query tools.

Data Warehousing

How have you used Designer/2000 for data warehousing?
How did your company capture the mapping of source data and the warehouse?
How do you integrate Oracle design and development tools with OLAP tools?
What kind of design techniques do you use to model, implement and manage data
How does schema design affect the implementation and use of multi-dimensional
analysis tools?
How do you assure data integrity when planning the migration from legacy systems
into Oracle databases?
How do you handle bulk loads?


How do you analyze and model your business needs?
What organizational framework is desirable for successful projects?
What standards do you develop for a project? How do you enforce them?
What testing tools and methodologies can be integrated with a Designer/Developer
How does Designer/Developer fit into the SEI/Capability Maturity Model?
How do you use Designer/2000 in conjunction with object-oriented methodologies?

Oracle Applications with Designer/2000 or Developer/2000 Extensions

How are you using the Designer/2000 repository information shipping now with the
Oracle Applications?
Share your experiences developing extensions to the Oracle Applications with
Have you generated extensions for the Oracle Applications?
Have you used Headstart for Apps?
Share your experiences running Oracle Applications on thin-clients


How have you "solved" the security/authentication challenges of web
What have been your experiences converting Forms 4.5 to WebForms? With Developer
Present your Web application success stories!
Share your Oracle Java IDE (or Valhalla) application experiences.
What tips would you give new users on JDBC?

Object Oriented Development

Using Object Database Designer
Object Oriented Modeling Techniques
Development Using Oracle8's Object Feature
Objects vs Object Views

 Jeff Jacobs, President, Oracle Development Tools User Group
 Your User Group for CASE, Designer/2000, Developer/2000,
 Discoverer, Web Development & Data Warehousing

 Visit our web site, http://www.***.com/

 2840 South College Road, Suite 151
 Wilmington, NC 28412
 Phone: 910-452-7444
 FAX: 910-452-7834

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