ODBC and Win95 Search Path 
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 ODBC and Win95 Search Path

The ODBC installation instructions say that the ORACLE_HOME\bin
directory name must be in the Search Path.

How do I set the Search Path in Windows 95?  Am I missing something very

In the old DOS/Win3.1 days, the Path was set in the autoexec.bat but I
don't believe that applies under Win95.

I have the ODBC installed and configured but it doesn't work with the
ODBC test utility that comes with the driver.  SQL*Net works fine, and I
can connect through ODBC using the ODBC Support Assistant from Oracle's
Web site.  But the Support Assistant tells me I need to put the
ORACLE_HOME/bin in my Path.  It says to do this by:

 "invoking the System applet in the ControlPanel, clicking on the Path
line in the System Environment Variables window, adding D:\ORAWIN95\BIN
in the Value box at the bottom of the window, and clicking Set for the
Oracle ODBC Driver to function properly."

Now, the System applet in my Win95 Control Panel does not say anything
about System Environment Variables.  I think they are referring to NT.

All of you who have already installed ODBC must have gone through this
already.  Anyone have some advice for me?

Thanks in advance.

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Tue, 21 Sep 1999 03:00:00 GMT
 ODBC and Win95 Search Path

Guess what?  Windows95 DOES still use autoexec.bat.

I have PO7 ver 7.2 installed in Win95.  In my autoexec.bat are the
following lines, which you may need to change if your drive or directory
is different -

set oracle_home=C:\orawin95
set rdbms72=C:\orawin95\rdbms72
(these two set the system variables oracle_home and rdbms72)
(this sets the path)

Hope this helps,

Mark Nelson

Wed, 22 Sep 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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