OCCI/OCI and aCC compilation problems under HP-UX 
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 OCCI/OCI and aCC compilation problems under HP-UX

Hi All.

I've been writing soem software using the OCCI, and under linux
everything compiles and runs just fine. I now need to be able to
compile my apps under HP-UX, as our production database is on that

I can't compile my apps or even the demo OCCI apps under HP-UX though
! (although non-occi apps using the aCC compiler compile fine) When I
do a "make", I always get the following errors:

Error 134: "/opt/aCC/include/limits", line 101 # Expected 2 arguments
for macro 'min'.
static inline T min () RWSTD_INLINE_NO_THROW { return

(few more errors here)

Error 445: "/opt/aCC/include/limits", line 101 # Cannot recover from
earlier errors.
static inline T min () RWSTD_INLINE_NO_THROW { return

To narrow the problem down, I wrote a simple program that just uses
cout to print a line to stdout. It compiles fine, except when I
include occi.h, then the above errors appear again ! There seems to be
a problem once the oci.h header file is included and then afterwards I
include C++ standard headers such as <string>.

I am using Oracle9i under HP-UX with aCC version B3910B A.03.13.

Has anyone else had this problem under HP-UX ??

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.



Fri, 13 Aug 2004 22:41:42 GMT
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