SQL*Net Only installation 
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 SQL*Net Only installation

Its not really a supported version for that use, nor is that a supported way to install and it may violate the
If you have a Server that all the workstations can map a drive letter to, you can install the client software ( which will
include Sqlnet  ) on that server.  At the server export the registry key structure from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/ORACLE
and edit it to change the drive letter to one that each workstation will use for the mapping to the server's oracle_home
...at each workstation import this key, map the correct drive letter to the oracle_home on the server  and add the
[mapped_drive_letter]/bin directory to the path...
This should allow the workstation to run Oracle related stuff and to access SqlNet for connectivity



>I'd like to be able to install just the SQL*Net client for Oracle
>7.3.4 remotely on say 100 x NT/2000 machines. Has anybody done
>something like this. I can't find much on the Net about it. Is it

>Any ideas?

>Many thanks and have a good day.


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Sun, 23 May 2004 22:48:09 GMT
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