C++ parser: migration from to 8.1.4 
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 C++ parser: migration from to 8.1.4

Hi folks,
     I'm having a little trouble migrating a C++ database parser on
unix from to 8.1.4 due to my inexperience of using Oracle. The
main problems are due to the order and repetition of the libraries in
the Makefile.

The makefile line is:

#DBLIBS=-lsql $(ORACLE_HOME)/lib/osntab.o -lsqlnet -lora -lsqlnet
-lora -lnlsrtl -lcv6 -lcore -lnlsrtl -lcv6 -lcore


DBLIBS=-lsql -lsqlnet -lncr -lsqlnet -lclient -lcommon -lgeneric
-lsqlnet -lncr -lsqlnet -lclient -lcommon -lgeneric -lepc -lnlsrtl3
-lc3v6 -lcore3 -lnlsrtl3 -lcore3 -lnlsrtl3 -ldl

The first line is commented out and the second used instead, can
anybody explain why? DBLIBS is then used in the C++ compiler call:

DBParser: main.cc DBParse_database.h DBParse_database.o DBParser.o
        $(ACC) $(CFLAGS) -o DBParser $(INCPATH) -I$(DB_INCLUDE)
-L$(DB_LIB_PATH) -L. -L$(GT_HOME)/gt_lib main.cc DBParser.o
DBParse_database.o $(DBLIBS) -lgtbc -lgtgen -lsocket -lnsl

ACC simply points to the CC command. CFLAGS is -g -DORACLE. INCPATH
points to include files. DB_INCLUDE is $(ORACLE_HOME)/precomp/public.
DB_LIB_PATH is $(ORACLE_HOME)/lib. GT_HOME points to our custom

Can anybody tell me the easiest method to build the parser against
8.1.4 or at least point me in the right direction.

Thanks for your help in advance,



Tue, 23 Mar 2004 21:43:54 GMT
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