DRG-11208 and ORACLE_HOME 
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 DRG-11208 and ORACLE_HOME

Hi all,

I am getting a strange problem with Oracle and some Intermedia features.

Creating and quering normal intermedia indexes works fine, but doing any of this:

- Creating a index that does theme indexing
- Running ctxkbtc
- Using the ctx_query.hfeedback procedure.

Generates a DRG-11208 Error, such as:

DRG-52108: failed to delete knowledge base user extension
DRG-52108: failed to delete knowledge base user extension
DRG-11208: ORACLE_HOME no est definido

(ORACLE_HOME is not defined)

Now, the weird part is:

- ORACLE_HOME is defined (and set to D:\Oracle\Ora81\)
- ORACLE_HOME is already a SYSTEM variable (not an USER one).

This is very strange. Does anyone know how to fix this?

It's an Oracle 8.1.7, in a Windows 2000 system.

Many thanks for any help,


Sat, 23 Apr 2005 03:26:02 GMT
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