RMAN scenario 
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 RMAN scenario

I need to plan for complete disaster recovery on two systems.  I have two
servers dev and prod.  Each contains the catalog for the other database.  In
case of complete disaster the servers will be rebuilt from scratch at an
offsite location.  In is scenario both servers are gone and all we have are
the RMAN backup sets.  In order to use RMAN at the new location to recover
from the backup sets I presume I need at a minimum the catalogs.  My plan is
to export the RMAN user on both machines.  The export files and RMAN backup
sets will be backed up to a corporate backup solution (TSM) after RMAN and
exports complete.  In case of disaster I can create the databases, import
the RMAN schemas, restore the backup sets and recover the database using
RMAN.  Now I will go review the documentation to ensure this scenario works,
but your confirmation would be appreciated.


Wed, 24 Mar 2004 07:45:47 GMT
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