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Dear all,

I visited Oracle and wanted to download the Oracle9i JDeveloper Beta. I
noticed that the downloads were only available for Solaris SPARC and there
was no option for Solaris Intel x86.

I am just wondering if the SPARC version Oracle9i JDeveloper Beta can be
running on the Solaris Intel OS, assuming that the correct JDK has been
appropriately installed on the Intel box. I ran Oracle9i JDeveloper RC on my
Windows XP computer and found that this IDE was based on JVM.

Can anyone tell me whether it should be possible for me to run the SPARC
versioin Oracle9i JDeveloper Beta on the Intel Solaris 8? Thanks!

Peter Wu

Knowledge speaks but wisdom listens.

Sun, 23 May 2004 12:03:06 GMT
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