SMON Having lock on temporary segment (enqueue lock) 
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 SMON Having lock on temporary segment (enqueue lock)


On my database(Oracle server 7.3.2.) SMON is holding a lock on some
object and lock type is "Temporary Segment  enqueue lock" and lock mode
is 3. Also I look into unix and this process is not taking much of
resources from OS. Even though it hold lock on some object (which is 7
digit object id and looking into all object there is no object for that
object id) database seems running smooth. My only concern is I never saw
SMON holding some thing.

According to Oracle Server Administration Guide book SMON cleans up
temporary segments that are no longer in use. But on the Performance
Tuining Book (Oracle Press) Aronoff and et al  it says that if query
requires to use temporary tablespace it allocates a temporary segment
with in temporary tablespace; when the query completes, the space used
by the temporary segment is not dropped. Instead, the space used by the
temporary segment is available for use by other queries.

The temporary tablespace is defined as temporary. Which means that all
the segments allocated in temporary tablespace will remain as it is and
SMON will not try to clean the temporary segment. Which is according to
Arnoff and et al book. But from the server administration guide from
oracle says temporary segment is allocated as it is needed and after
there query is done it will be dropped.  Now I am confused. Can any one
can explain this how this works?
Also Why SMON is keeping lock?

Thank you in advance ...

Wed, 28 Feb 2001 03:00:00 GMT
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