ldap Oracle8.1.7.2 on RH 7.2 
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 ldap Oracle8.1.7.2 on RH 7.2

Dear all,
trying to install ldap on Oracle 8.1.7 on RH 7.2 in order to learn more
about Oracle Internet Directory.
Created the database manually via SQL-scripts, didn't use dbassist so
maybe the special schema for Oracle Internet Directory is missing (I'm
unsure about this).
Net8 admin guide describes that you can configure Directory access at
any time after the installation using netca.

http://www.***.com/ :80/docs/products/oracle8i/doc_library/817_doc/n...

netca always reports errors "Directory Service error", no further error
specification. I'm not able to create Directory acess, nor Oracle
Context or Oracle schema.
A google search returned nothing useful. I looked around in
ORACLE_HOME/rdms/admin and found a script dbmsldap.sql.
The header of this script describes :
 Package specification for DBMS_LDAP
---     This is the primary interface used by various clients to
---     make LDAP requests

I'm unsure if I have to run this script as prerequiste before launching

Has anybody sucessful installed Oracle Internet Directory on Linux, has
some advice for this situation?

Any comments are welcome, have a nice weekend
Manuela Mueller

Wed, 10 Nov 2004 05:09:07 GMT
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